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“Overall, we would highly recommend the addition of Tools2BFirst© to anyone who is looking to maximize performance and improve the profitability of their store. Jamie and Brian have been a pleasure to partner with and are genuinely interested in making sure the tools are being used to make the best decision possible. They have spent a considerable amount of time training and making sure the tools are understood and optimized.”

Brian Motyl

Old Brick Furniture

“Tools2BFirst© is…AWESOME!
I have only been using it for a few months, but it has already saved countless hours, increased sales, increased efficiency and reduced unproductive inventory. The Open to Buy report, Sales Analysis run by category, vendor by week to date, month to date, year to date and progress toward goals, is automatically sent via email to my computer. I don’t have to run any reports! How easy is that?”

Forrest Lilly

Indian River Furniture

“Tools2BFirst© has totally changed how I work. It used to be that I only had time to run reports and work on main categories between markets. Now with the reports in Tools2BFirst©, I can look at trends and sales in all departments – that includes entertainment, living room tables, accents, etc. Those normally would get overlooked. We found out that we had a best-selling occasional table set at our main location that we didn’t show at our other location.”

Bo Coconis

Coconis Furniture

Our Valued Clients

Price Tags

“The tagging system makes repricing the stores so easy and it is very efficient.”

Art Scholet

Scholet Furniture

“All you do is scan the tags on your floor with the scanner, choose the tag that matches your event, including financing and print. We can change our sale tags in about 3 hours, before it took two people almost 2 days to retag.”

Forrest Lilly

Indian River Furniture

“Our gross margin has increased significantly using the Tools2BFirst© price tag system. The price tags are quick to print and place. We change them with every event. They look very professional and detail the terms and discounts for every item! I would be lost without this program!”

Bob White

Goodwin's Furniture & Matress

In-Stock Scanner App
Hear what our clients are saying about the benefits…

“It is a big time saver and keeps you in touch with the customer instead of having to leave their side to check inventory.”

Ricky Christian

Esprit Decor Home Furnishings

“We are able to check live inventory in real time in front of the customer.”

Kyle Deets

Deets Furniture

"Is the In-Stock Scanner App Helping to Increase Sales?"

“Reducing the time to get customers answers helps us close more sales.”

John Lott

Lott's Furniture

“When you determine the customer needs items now versus ordering you are able to give them immediate information to close the sale.”

Vanessa Liesen

Michael Alan Furniture & Design

“It is helping us be more efficient on the sales floor and provide better service and attention to our customers.”

Andy Somerville

Talsma Furniture

Press Releases

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