Tired of…how long it takes to re-tag your store?  Having trouble with keeping up with all of the vendor price changes?

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Sync Point-of-Sale Data to your Website

Tools2BFirst® serves as a crucial link between the point-of-sale (POS) system and your website, offering seamless automation. This integration provides numerous advantages, with the primary benefit being the complete automation of pricing, inventory management, and showroom updates. Through this system, you can effortlessly maintain an accurate representation of your stock availability, including which items are on the showroom floor and which are currently in stock.

Furthermore, the automation extends to include an automated clearance page, ensuring that customers are promptly informed about discounted items. Thanks to Tools2BFirst®, the process of updating prices on your website becomes a daily routine, ensuring that your online store consistently reflects the latest pricing information. With this level of automation, you gain the ability to sell virtually, confident that your inventory, pricing, stock status, and availability are continuously up to date.

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