Manage your sales with ease

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"I am looking for a price tag program that I can use to easily re-tag my store, keeping up with all of the vendor price changes." "I struggle with getting data out of my point-of-sale system.""How do I keep up with my paper war room for a lineup?""I am missing a data analytics program for my operation.""What metrics should I be tracking for my business?"

Digital War Board
No more paper war room. War board is updated daily. Side-by-side multiple store comparison. Easy to identify best sellers – includes special order skus. Estimated savings is 20 man-hours per month.
Price Tags
30 man-hours per month* (per location) can be saved as a result of re-tagging the showroom floor using the Tools2BFirst® price tag program.  *Based on 40,000 square foot showroom.
Auto Order Tool
With the Tools2BFirst® Auto Order Tool the time savings on a weekly basis are significant, approaching 75% less time spent on routine tasks.
Automated Web Upload
We provide 100% automation between the POS and your website. As a result, all pricing, showroom inventory, back stock, and even clearance items on your website remain up-to-date. If you are still manually updating your website, switching to Tools2BFirst® can save you an estimated 40 man-hours per month.
Automated Protection Plan Upload
Eliminate the manual registering of plans. Estimated time savings hovers around 20 man-hours per month.
The Key to Winning at Retail...enabling retailers to make EASIER, SMARTER, & FASTER DECISIONS.


  •  Information must be at your fingertips.
  •  Spend time making decisions, not gathering data.


  • Must make data driven decisions.
  •  Direction must be right with no more guessing.
  •  What gets measured gets improved.


  •  Do not lose the race.
  •  Every minute counts and time is money.

Chris Cooley

Michael Alan Furniture & Design

I strongly feel that if you don’t have the Tools2BFirst® program you are leaving time and money on the table.  I have increased my margin and at the end of the day that margin relates right to the bottom line.”

Randy Coconis

Coconis Furniture

It may be the biggest, most important tool and success driver that I can remember in my 40-year career.  I truly think that the valuable information available to an owner and managers that is at their fingertips can dramatically impact the success of that company both short and long term.”

Josh Kloss

Kloss Furniture

Our entire team lives and breathes with this program.  It has allowed us to streamline our ordering, have the best sellers in stock, lists out what needs to go or overstocked on, understand everyday how we are doing compared to goal, analyze sales staff performance, and see what is working by vendor, category, zip code, etc.  The improvements in efficiencies are hugely noticeable and have a positive impact on our bottom line.”

Eric Sinclair

Montgomery’s Furniture

Tools2BFirst® has completely changed the way Montgomery’s makes business decisions.  This program automatically sends us the data we need to make great business decisions.  This not only saves us lots of time but gives me the peace of mind that my managers are making better decisions based on the data in front of them.  Lastly, having a software system that is developed by someone running a retail home furnishings business is very powerful.  The system is easy to understand and is constantly being updated to feed you more information all the time. “

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Manage your sales with ease

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